The most effective Las Vegas casino secrets

Don’t get into a fight with the villagers.

You should quit a poker table if the dealer introduces everyone at the table by name. These athletes hail from the area. Every day, they play. They live off of suckers like you. A table change can be requested from the floor supervisor. You can move on to a new poker room if you’ve got enough money. A game in which you compete against other tourists is what you want—preferably intoxicated ones. Go to the poker room at 3 a.m., when the nightclubs are emptying, to take advantage of the time change. Try the Venice. Its poker room may be found directly underneath the TAO nightclub. Why are so many drunk men rushing down the escalator, appearing to be sexually frustrated? To your annoyance, they’ll be playing poker with you. You have what it takes to defeat them. You’ve got this.

The Wynn offers cheap drinks.

Gamblers in Las Vegas casinos can expect complimentary drinks as a perk of the experience. Cocktails will be served at the penny slot machines, so you don’t have to sit at a $100 blackjack table to get a drink. If you’re planning to get drunk before going out, do so now. It’s a $75 per night save. Free mojitos and brand-name tequila are the greatest complimentary casino cocktails at the Wynn. Pay your waitress a $1 per drink tip. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Koi Pond while here. (A koi pond is the aquatic counterpart of a rock garden; a huge, delicate, fanged goldfish is a Koi.) It’s the most peaceful room on the Strip, yet even the locals don’t know about it.

Make a fashion statement by squandering your money.

The newest and swankiest hotel on the Strip is Cosmopolitan. Liberace’s Liberace-inspired design is the one that most closely resembles the Wynn. It’s better to lose your hard-earned money in the company of the beautiful and powerful if you’re going to gamble at all. The best place in Vegas to observe the people is beneath the elevator that leads to Marquee, the hottest club on the Strip. If you’re gambling at the Cosmo on any night, make sure you do it there. Kokomo’s Lounge at Mirage and Wynn’s coffee shop are two less expensive options for people-watching.

Visit the Circle Bar to meet new people.

A Circle Bar can be found in every casino. Usually in the middle of the pack. You want to meet new people here, not in the club. As a result, there is no cover charge; the turnover rate is significant. A drunk oddball will eventually get the message and leave you alone. Locals are the only casino patrons that avoid Circle Bars. You can’t even become friends with the people that live there. For the most part, they’re on the Strip for business, even though they appear to be having a good time.

Place a Pass Line Bet

Playing craps is a good way to get your gambling feet wet if you don’t know anything. Play craps and gamble on the PASS LINE, in particular. It’s simple: You deposit your money on the table, and someone else rolls the dice for you. Everyone will erupt in applause if you win. You’ve already lost if everyone becomes silent. Except for the DON’T PASS LINE, this is the closest thing to a 50/50 wager. However, if you do that, the other players will be enraged. Take your remaining $20 to O’Sheas, where you can play beer pong against a team of just-turned-21 frat boys from Ohio State if you lose at craps. See what happens if you tell them you went to the University of Michigan for your undergraduate studies!

Behaving in an expensive manner

It’s not a secret that high rollers get freebies from casinos. On the other hand, casinos have difficulty determining an individual player’s wagering habits. As a result, they have made an estimate. You can fool casinos into thinking you’re about to lose a lot of money by bringing out a large marker. A $5,000 marker is a good idea if you expect to lose $500, which will catch the casino host’s attention. The worst that can happen is that you’ll feel like a big shot, and you might even be offered free accommodation, a free supper, and free show tickets. Recently, I was told by a frequent Las Vegas blackjack player that Mandalay Bay has been generous with room comps in the last few months. See what offers they have going on by giving them a ring.